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CDRTI has conducted a number of surveys and researches from its inception. Some of them are as follows.
Supported by
Effects of Drought on the livelihoods of the peasant communities in Mahapotana Area.
Professor C.M. Maddumabandara.  Sponsored by Tokyo University.
Socio - economic problems of the families affected by Ethnic Violence.
Redd Barna - Sri Lanka.
Alternative leadership through youth training in community development
Community Aid Abroad - Australia.
Socio - economic impacts of Janasaviya Programme. 
Janasaviya Trust Fund.
Role of the NGOs & CBOs
Janasaviya Trust Fund.
Registration, Training and Insurance of Social Development Workers.
National Institute for Social Development.

A Social Development Policy for NGOs in Sri Lanka.
Action Group for Social Development.
2000 / 2002
Effects of war on different sectors of communities in Sri Lanka.
Canadian International Development Agency.
Re - activating the peace process healing the wounds of war ( Opinion Poll on Peace and Good Governance )
United Nations Development Programme
Activities of the CBOs working with Samadeepa.
Samadeepa Samaja Kendraya - Inc.
Report published on the findings of the survey on " Re-activating the peace process, healing the Wounds of War " could attract the attention of many activists concerned about peace and good governance, both nationally and internationally. ( Click here to see report on Opinion Poll on Peace and Good Governance ) 

Now, CDRTI is planning to conduct an action oriented research in relation to 600 organizations working with Action Group for Social Development.

CDRTI does not seek funding for survival. But it is looking for partnerships for improving and expanding its activities.
When Samadeepa Samaja Kendraya was established in 1980 the first assignment it had to carry out was to conduct a field survey on Drought and its Effects on Livelihoods of Peasant Communities in the Dry Zone of Sri Lanka in the selected Area of Mahapotana Korale led by its Hony. Patron, Professor C.M. Maddumabandara with financial assistance from the University of Tokyo, Japan.

Since then the organization has had the opportunity of undertaking monitoring, evaluation and research assignments in different areas of activities; mainly, development, peace and good governance. In 2002 CDRTI conducted a series of field surveys on Effects of War on Children, Women, Community Leaders, Community organizations and Civil Society. This project was supported by the Canadian International Development Agency ( CIDA ).

In May August 2005 CDRTI was able to successfully complete an Opinion Poll on Peace and Good Governance based on a sample of 500 people representing different sectors in Sri Lanka.

The project was supported by the United Nations Development Programme.

Our vision is  action oriented research through which people will be empowered  to understand their problems and to find solutions for them by themselves.
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