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Brief Introduction   

CIRPC is based on inter religious understanding, peace and social justice. It is  working with religious groups of different faiths. At present it is having a programme for religious activists with a view to promote peace and social justice.

We believe that it is necessary to improve the level of understanding on different religions with due respect for peace, social justice, accountability, transparency and social responsibility. We are therefore trying our level best to make our contribution in this field. But we need your support for strengthening the programme.

For the first time in Sri Lanka an inter religious peace monument was erected in Koanwewa in 1990 with the religious symbols of Buddhism , Hinduism , Christianity and Islam. The idea was not welcomed at the beginning . But after sometime people started respecting the place making various offerings . Second inter religious peace monument was built in Anuradhapura in 2007. It has led to a very creative programme named Dharma Sanvada Mandapaya or Inter Religious Dialogue . 

Under all three programmes main objective is to promote good governance at different levels in different fields and different sectors.
Centre for Inter - Religious Peace Culture (CIRPC)
CIRPC is working with religious institutions of different faiths promoting peace and good governance based on age old traditional customs, rituals and beliefs. Basic information on CIRPC is as follows.
Vision :
A world which will look like a garden of different trees, leaves and flowers with people belonging to different faiths, cultures and nations.
Mission :    
Promoting inter - religious peace culture based on traditional ethics and values.
Major Activities:

Cultural programmes
Supporting religious institutions
Conducting inter- religious peace  rituals
Promoting Good Governance through age old traditional customs and rituals.
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