Social Welfare
Social Justice
Training and Education
Social Development
Child Care
Child needs love at all levels. He needs attention and care from his parents as well as other people. Samadeepa starts focusing its attention on the child when the mother is pregnant.

Support has to be provided to selected children for education.
Hostel facilities for very poor children
(meals and accommodation)
US$ 60 .00 per child per month
Exercise Books and stationary for needy children
From US$ 5.00 to US$ 50.00 per child
Library facilities for children’s societies
From US$ 50.00 to US$ 500.00
Conducting Children’s camps with meetings of Children’s Congress Cost per child for meals, traveling and other expenses. – US$ 5.00 Cost of traveling and other expenses for a group of 30 children US$ 500.00
No of children involved  500
Total US$ 2500.00
When a Child passes grade 5 scholarship examination -
US $ 20
When a Child passes grade G.C.E. O/L examination -
US $ 30
When a Child passes grade G.C.E. A/L examination -
US $ 70
When a child enters a tertiary education Institute, foreign or local -
US $ 200
Total cost per child -
US $ 320
Support needed
Support!  It’s a worthy cause. Big or small your support will be valued by all
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A young girl, Diloshani Krishangika of Galenbidunuwewa receiving her scholarship benefit of Rs. 10000/-  as she has secured her place in a state university - 2016.03.26 
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