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Samadeepa strongly believes in democracy at all levels and in different sectors. It should really begin in the family and go up to the state. Itís not only a state value but also a family value. Also it does not limit its application to state actors but envelopes all other sectors, business organizations, civil society and religious institutions. All these sectors are getting together in the Peoples Assembly of Sri Lanka in order to ensure democracy at all levels influencing the national leadership. ( Please see PASL for further information.)
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A delegation from Samadeepa and Peoples Assembly of Sri Lanka met Chairman and the members of the Public Representations Committee on Constitutional Reforms at Anuradhapura Kachcheri. The delegation led by Ven. Professor Karagaswewe Vimalananda Nayaka Thero presented its proposals relating to peace, democracy, human rights, social responsibility, good governance and rule of law. 
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