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Seva Jyothi, Seva Keerthi, Samashoori
Dr. Chandrarathne Bandara - LLB
Ambassador for Peace
Founder / Field Director, Samadeepa Samaja Kendraya - Inc.
Founder / Executive Director, South Asian Academy for Good Governance ( Pvt. ) Ltd.
Founder / Chief Adviser, Peoples Assembly of Sri Lanka
Founder / Adviser, Action Group for Social Development
National Representative, World Association of Non-Governmental Organizations
Former Regional President, Central and South Asia, International Council on Social Welfare ( ICSW ) 
National Adviser, Global University for Lifelong Learning, USA

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Phone: 0094 25 2235140 / 0094 71 4478098

1970 - Kuliyapitiya             1972 / 73 -    Jaffna
1974 - Kahagasdigiliya     1976 / 78 - Colombo
2010 - Anuradhapura

Awarding Titles - Rewarding Skills
Sri Lanka Foundation, Colombo
Award Ceremony No 09 - 28.11.2016

In search of heritageľ As the Basnayake Nilame of the Koanwewa Kuda Katharagama Devalaya ( The chief of the temple of Hindu Buddhist Culture ) - 1999
Social Welfare
Social Justice
Training and Education
Social Development
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Dr. Chandra Bandara started his social development career in late 1960s becoming a student activist in his school. Studying on a scholarship granted by the government for cleverest students he achieved best results and secured a place in the public service as a casual clerk in 1971. Afterwards he became a trade union and political activist towards late 1970s.

Though he entered the university in n1970 he could not continue his studies due to economic hardships and political unrest. But he was able to pass his Bachelor of Laws degree in 1996 at the Open University of Sri Lanka. In view of his extraordinary achievements Global University of Lifelong Learning ( GULL - USA ) conferred a Doctor of Professional Studies Degree on him on      12 . 01. 2010 and the same university granted a Doctor of Management Degree on 18. 08. 2010. The Victoria Global University ( VGU - TCI ) working through National Institute for Education and Research ( NIER - India ) awarded an Honorary Doctorate to him on 28. 11. 2017 in view of his outstanding services in action learning and distance education. He has held responsible positions from grass root level to the global level. He received Millennium Award for Outstanding Personalities on Social Development from the National NGO Council of Sri Lanka on 08. 07. 2010. He has authored around 20 books and booklets; Poetry, Drama and Development Issues.  Among them are Notes on Community Development, Notes on Community Management and Politics and Merit - Sin Concept.  International and Interreligious Federation for World Peace ( IIFWP - USA ) appointed him as an Ambassador for Peace in 2005 considering his  great commitment to the subject.

He has visited around 20 countries in all five continents in the world presenting papers and sharing experiences relating to his subject at different international conferences. His ambition is to continue with this career till his death serving the disadvantaged and helping the poor promoting peace, social justice, interreligious understanding, democracy, human rights, good governance and sustainable development.