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I am extremely happy that   South Asian Academy for Good Governance  has been initiated  by Samadeepa Samaja Kendraya - Inc. a leading social development organization in Sri Lanka which is affiliated to the world famous International Council on Social Welfare.

Itís a great pleasure for us,  the people of the North Central Province that its head quarters will be located in Anuradhapura which has  a  recorded history of  a number of centuries.

Good Governance  in  all sectors of the country has been questioned today. Many believe that civil society involvement for creating better political and social practices is not adequate in our country. We should appreciate that arrangements have been made through  South Asian Academy for Good Governance  for the people who have not had opportunities for acquiring qualifications to acquire such qualifications as a solution to this problem.

In the circumstances I use this opportunity to extend   my warmest wishes to South Asian Academy for Good Governance

R. B. Abesinghe,
Attorney at Law
Leader of the Opposition, 
North Central Provincial Council

Message from the
Hon. R. B. Abesinghe,
Leader of the Opposition,
North Central Provincial Council 
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