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Samadeepa has double meaning in itself. On the one hand it means Light of Peace. On the other hand it means Land of Peace.
Letís therefore define Samadeepa as an organization that brings Light of Peace for a Land of Peace with the ultimate hope for a world of Peace.

Samadeepa is well rooted in age old traditional customs, rituals and religious beliefs. Its flag is an expression of its commitment to inter- religious understanding, peace, social justice, democracy and good governance.
Last Update : May 2016
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ď Where there is no exploitation of man by man and there is no suppression of man by man there will be true peace. We stand by such a land of perfect peace, a Samadeepa. Our conscience is clear. We will succeed."
Founder of Samadeepa, Chandrarathne Bandara
1972 / 73
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Dr. Chandra Bandara nominated for UNESCO Award
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