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As a programme CDRTI has been successful. It is committed to work for good governance promoting transparency, accountability, democracy and social responsibility. It is looking for partnerships for improving and expanding its activities.
Looking for Partnerships
Support! Itís a worthy cause. Big or small your help will be valued by all.
South Asian Academy for Good Governance associated with National Institute for Education and Research  / Victoria Global University - 22, 24 October 2016. A present from Dr Abhiram Kulshreshtha, Director General, NIER.
South Asian Academy for Good Governance associated with Association for World Education. Participant in International Council Meeting, Mitraniketan Vishwavidyapeetam,  Vellanad, Thiruvanadapuram, Kerala, India.  25.10.2016 -   02.11.2016

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Samadeepa Samaja Kendraya - Inc.
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Samadeepa Samaja Kendraya
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South Asian Academy for Good Governance associated with Global University for Life Long Learning, USA. GULL President Dr. Richad Teare with Ven. Dr. Inguruwatthe Sumangala Thero and Hon. Raveendra Samaraweera, State Minister of Trade Union Affairs and Labour Relations. 

Samadeepa working with The Asia Foundation supporting Community Policing in Anuradhapura.  A Review meeting attended by Mr. Muditha Pussella, Asst. Superintendant of Police and Mr. Johann Rebert, Deputy Country Representative, The Asia Foundation