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Social Justice
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Most powerful Truth Binding Oath
Sabba papassa akaranam
Kusalassa upasampada
Sachittha pariyo dapanam
Etham Buddhanu sasanam
As so said in the names and spirits of the blessed ones enlightened in all four corners of the world.

God Easwara to have His eye on the head, Goddess Umayangana to have Her eye on the forehead, God Vishnu to have His eye on the two eyes, God Maha Brahma to have His eye on the mouth, Goddess Saraswathie to have Her eye on the tongue, Goddess Walli Amma and Goddess Thewwani Amma to have their eyes on the two ears, Goddess Sathpatthini Amma to have Her eye on the chest, God Skanda to have His eye on the two shoulders, God Ganeshawara to have His eye on the two hands, God Dedimunda to have His eye on the navel, God Siddha Suniyam to have His eye on the two thighs, God Kalukumara to have His eye on the two knees, God Kadawara and God Bhairawa to have their eyes on the two legs ~

Worshiping with respect, appeal to create circumstances not to do injustice but justice not to be foul but fair not to speak falsehood but truth by all who are present here today ~

To declare that foods of those who do false, unjust, unfair and evil things, misusing public property with malicious thoughts will become serious poison in their own plates, to affirm that families of such wrong doers will be disgraced, generations will be eroded and ancestral names will disappear and wealth and prosperity will be ruined ~

To be mandated to reveal that good hearted civic minded people protecting truth, justice and fairness will move from glory to glory shining like sun, moon, stars and heavenly bodies ~

Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar Amen Jesus, Alleluia Alleluia Alleluia Hare Rama, Hare Kirshna, Om Shanthi, Namo Buddhaya, Swasthi Siddham, Siddhi rasthu, Jayatu Jayatu Mangalam ~
It's appropriate to chant this stanza by all present after
chanting the Manthra by a spiritually developed person.
Abstain from all sins.
Cultivate merits.
Purify one's mind.
This is the teaching of all blessed ones.
Marvelous results can be achieved chanting the most powerful Sathya Raja Bandhanaya which has been composed of moral strengths preached by ancient prophets thousands of years ago. You can make your home, business, institution a paradise on the earth. There will be harmony in the family. You will be respected by the superior people. You will be popular. Your wealth, harvest and produce will be increased. Education of the children will advance. Parents will not receive mentally or physically handicapped children. Instead they will receive meritorious lucky ones. Health will be fine. Diseases will be healed. Threats of enemies will disappear. Threats from evil spirits will be stopped.

Those who learn this by heart and live accordingly will have great comforts in this world and the next. Lives of those who listen to this also will have great luck. It's appropriate to chant this Manthra in the presence of more than three people after cleaning the place properly, remembering God(s) according to one's religion lighting candles and burning sandal sticks.

Especially important at meetings and functions. Life will shine like sun rising in the morning. You will receive great riches and fortunes. Results experienced, confirmed and assured.

Sathya Raja Bhandanaya has been chanted in more than 100 places including most prominent places of worship in Sri Lanka. Please contact us if you want to conduct this ritual in your house, workplace, business, office, institution, meeting or function. 

Sathya Raja Bandhanaya ( Truth Binding Oath ) has so far been chanted for more than 9250 times ( 2014.11.30 )
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