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Message of Greetings from
Mr. Taj Hamad,
Secretary General,
World Association of Non Governmental Organizations.
It is a great pleasure for me to send this message of solidarity with the social activists participating in Samadeepa's 20th Annual Conference of Delegates and 32nd Annual Election of Office  Bearers  I have observed that most of the community-based organizations initiated by Samadeepa have become active members of WANGO Sri Lanka.

During the last 42 years, Samadeepa has done a great deal of work, having started quite small with 12 members. Its contribution in the fields of peace, social justice, democracy and good governance are noteworthy. It was able to start a number of organizations, namely, Peoples Assembly of Sri Lanka, Action Group for Social Development, Institute of Social Developers, Community Development Research and Training Institute, Centre for Inter-Religious Peace Culture, and finally, South Asian Academy for Good Governanc,e in order to promote its mission.

As a result of this programme, around 600 community groups and organizations have been strengthened representing the island of Sri Lanka. It has supported enthusiastic and energetic individuals to promote their activities by way of giving recognitions. We are proud to hear that Samadeepa has awarded the Hon.Titles of Ambassador for Justice to around 200 people and around 50 people have received action learning professional diplomas and degrees facilitated by South Asian Academy for Good Governance. 

I wish Samadeepa every success to go forward at this 20th Annual Conference of Delegates celebrating 42 years of service for humanity.
With best regards, sincerely yours,
Secretary General, WANGO
March 25, 2013

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