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Peoples Assembly of Sri Lanka (PASL)
PASL is working as a network of CSOs promoting peace, social justice, democracy and good governance through voluntary pledge and code of ethics and conduct for NGOs / CBOs. Around 100 organizaions have already joined the programme and message has passed to around 15000 people throughout the country. Details relating to Principles of Good Governance can be seen in this site under SAAGG-Concepts and Learn from A to Z
Voluntary Pledge

On my honor I pledge and promise

To dedicate for peace and non Ė violence

To stand by national and religious unity

To sacrifice for the less fortunate and to live for the sake of others

To stand against bribery and corruption

To dedicate for a total social purification

To be neutral to political and religious issues as a representative, an officer or an activist of the Peoples Assembly and

To fulfill whatever the task entrusted to me honestly, assiduously, efficiently and to the best of my ability
Open Memorandum
PASL has sent an open memorandum to leaders of all the political parties, civil  society organizations and religious institutions concerning good governance in the country. Please read the open memorandum.
Voluntary Pledge promoted by PASL is as follows.
Peace, Social Justice, Democracy, Good Governance, Social Welfare,  Social Development,  Social ResponsibilityTraining & Education, Savings and Credit, Empowerment of People, Advocacy, Accountability, Transparency,