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Samadeepa believes in self reliance and participatory Development. Therefore it emphasizes the importance of savings and subsequently revolving credit funds. So far Samadeeepa has provided credit funds to around 150 community groups, 12 NGOs and 7 companies, totaling US$ 60000 thus enabling them to work as community enterprises. Around 2000 people have received benefits of self employments and small businesses generating income for their living.

Every beneficiary became a member of CBO / NGO or a company participating in common activities. He / she developed his personality supported and motivated by his group. He / she eventually became a better off man / woman. In order to facilitate this process community leaders should he given proper training with a view to educate their members and beneficiaries.

Samadeepa believes that the self-reliance is the key to any kind of meaningful development among the poor. Therefore it begins with savings. It also believes that the poor people need external support for them to uplift their living standards. Therefore a helping hand is necessary. Samadeepa has provided different kinds of loans, short-term or long-term and small or medium size. Micro credit is thus one of the most popular activities in Samadeepa. Almost all of the community groups working with Samadeepa are operating credit funds.
Support Expected
1.     Providing credit funds to community groups,
        CBOs / NGOs and Companies.
        From US$ 500 to US$ 5000 per one entity
        No. of entities involved 200
One participant
A batch of 25
One day programme
Three Days programme
One year Diploma Course on Community Management & Leadership with special emphasis on Peace & Good Governance
2.    Training for community leaders, office -
        bearers and board members on
        leadership and community management.
        Please see chart below.

Savings and Credit
You can support
Provide a loan fund to one single participant - US $ 100.00
Provide a loan fund to a community group - US $ 1000.00
Sadaham Community Development Organization received a credit fund from Samadeepa on 08th Nov. 2011. The organization is a group of 20 people. They have utilized the credit fund starting 6 income generation projects including wood work, welding and small business.

Ms. Indrani Senevirathne is leading the group as its organizing Secretary.

Mrs. R. P. Anulawathie ( 50 ) of Mahakanadarawa, Tract 02, 8th Colony, Rambewa received a loan of Rs. 100000/- from Samadeepa's credit fund in order to improve her lottery sales. She is living with her husband ( 57 ) and daughter ( 21 ). Her elder daughter is married to Mr. Jayawardane ( 33 ) and they have two children. They all are working together with her in the business thus supporting a family of 7 people.
Sithumina Community Development Organization provided continuous assistance to Chaminda Jayalath ( 35 ) of Andaragollewa, Kahatagasdigiliya for improving his self-employment. He is running a carpentry shop, a small service center and a sales stall. His wife Udayangani Kumudu Kumari is helping him in his work. They are living happily with there  three little children.  Ms. Kamala Ranasinghe, is coordinating the Programme.
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