Social Welfare
Social Justice
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Eight Fold Membership Benefits
Exceeding Rs. 100,000/-

US   $
US   $
1.    Death
  •     Accident
  •     Natural

2. Marriage
3. Serious Sickness
4. Total Disability

5. Partial Disability
6. Minor injuries to fingers / legs
From 2.50 to100.00
7. General Sickness ( Soft Loans)
8. Attaining Puberty of a dependant girl
    ( Soft Loans)
Instant, short term and long term loans for social requirements, self employment and income generation - from US$ 30.00 to 3000.00
Social Events / Problems
  Support!  It's a worthy cause. Big or small your support will be valued by all
Samadeepa believes that people in the society have to participate in social events. When the people are poor they might become problems. When they face death or disability of a beloved one the situation is dangerous. Samadeepa therefore has developed a social security system in order to cater to this need.

A person under this scheme pays Rs. 2500/- as a membership fee thus becoming a life member.

At present our membership exceeds 10,000 but only around 1200 are eligible for social security benefits. Reason is economic hardships, transport difficulties and lack of savings on the part of many people. We therefore have planned to extend these benefits to a larger section of the community particularly focusing on people affected by abject poverty
Support Needed
*    Payment of membership fees for people affected by abject poverty and man-made  or natural disasters - US$ 30 per family x 100 families = US$ 3000

*    Self employment for people affected by abject poverty and man-made or natural disasters - From US$ 100 to 500 per family     No. families involved 500

*    Micro Enterprises supporting poor people - From US$ 1000 to 10000 No. of projects planned - 25

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