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We can notice that the concept of social responsibility does not receive adequate attention in many programmes. This phenomenon is not limited to one particular sector but prevails in different sectors; such as, government service, business community, civil society, political parties and religious institutions. As a result so much of damage is caused to public as well as private property and to human and institutional resources. Samadeepa therefore includes social responsibility as one of the first priorities in all of its programmes.
Social Responsibility
Provide financial assistance for a training workshop on social responsiblity - US $ 10 X 30 participants = US $ 300.00

Provide financial assistance to publish Samadeepa News Journal on social responsiblity - US $1.00 X 1000 copies = US$ 1000.00
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Mr. Thisara Jayasinghe, with the help of his family members and students in his tuition class celebrates his father Dr. Charles Jayasinhe's birth day every year on 26th December.
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